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Parenting is the hardest job in the world and the only one you go into with no training or qualifications. No one is born a parent, we all have to learn as we go. We learn from each other and our little people and just do the best we can.

Thankfully there are lots of resources out there to help parents battle their way through the minefield that is ‘bringing up children’.


Parenting websites can be brilliant; not only do they publish regular articles and guides, they also provide ideas and inspiration when you run out. You can meet and engage with other parents on these sites, which is the technological equivalent of mummy coffee mornings. It’s enriching (and entertaining) to learn alternative points of view and alternative ways of doing things. It’s not often black and white!

It’s also incredibly comforting to learn that other parents are struggling with the same issues, it makes one feel less alone.

But with literally thousands of parenting blogs to choose from it can be quite a task to root out the best (you’ve probably already come across quite a few whilst Googling!). Sourcing the most useful resources for parents is what we do well, so we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up some of the parenting communities we found the most comprehensive, accessible and useful.

All of the sites on this list offer posts that are insightful and full of great advice, as well as having really big social media communities offering support and helpful updates on the go.



Parentdish is one of our favourites, as it offers an enormous amount of easily accessible information. Here’s a the lowdown:

It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing parenting sites and very easy to navigate.

They’ve got an in-depth pregnancy section so you have loads of reading material while your little bun is still cooking.

They are not scared to post opinion pieces and the article headlines can be eye-catchingly controversial (e.g Why I’m Teaching my Daughters to Use the F Word)



Almost certainly the highest profile parenting community in the UK – Mumsnet is a fantastic resource for parents everywhere.

Well-written posts that cover many aspects of parenting, including relationship advice, recipes and family meal tips, finances and employment stuff.

Caters for parents across a wide range of child age groups from brand new mums, to mums of teenagers and beyond.
Some fantastic tools including a baby name finder, ovulation calculator and family meal planner!

Definitely a one-stop shop!



A beautifully presented directory where parents can find useful info on pretty much any given parenting topic. Here are the top features:

The ‘your area’ section allows you to click on your part of the country and instantly find lists of useful sites, contacts and addresses. The list includes health centres, after school clubs, play centers, contacts for useful local suppliers and businesses that cater for parents and families.

As with the others on this list, offers loads of great giveaways, reviews, and competitions.

Most importantly offers you lots of opportunities to share your own opinion (remember, one day you’ll be the veteran parent who can be the helping hand to new parents!).



NetMums is another goldmine of information, helping hands, free stuff and useful conversation you can engage in when you need some ideas/help/advice.

The best bits:
They provide info on what’s going on in your local area so if you’re stuck for ideas on family outings, you’ll always find something there!

You can have your own account, so you get a profile and can be a member of certain forums and topic threads – you find some of the funniest stories and most useful tips in those threads!

If you ever fancied trying your hand at blogging, you could easily submit some guest articles to one or more of these sites and you could become a fully fledged parent blogger contributing to the online community and providing that help to other parents looking for support, advice and tips.

…and here are a couple of lesser known mummy blogs we’re very fond of. They both offer personal accounts of parenting, making us smile on a regular basis with their photos, stories and fun reviews.



For its practical down to earth advice on raising a family on a budget without sacrificing fun and frolics. Cass writes guides, gives game ideas, cooking tips and recommends local activities for children. Definitely one to visit regularly!



Another personal blog from West Midlands mummy blogger Tara Cain, who offers loads of lovely family adventure stories, amazing photographs as well as activity ideas, reviews and giveaways.

We love her family stories, her exquisite photography and honest accounts of motherhood!



Last but not least we recommend the wonderful Parents in Touch site, which is more about offering schooling help for parents. This fantastic site offers a vast library of resources, information, advice, tips and more giveaways, as well as lots of worksheets you can download to go through with your children. The site offers a lot of curriculum support, advice and resources for parents with children of all ages and in all different types of school and stages of education. Well worth a visit!

Do you have any favourite sites that you would like to add to this list? If so, feel free to leave them in comments below!

Happy parenting! Love from Dorothy xxx