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We’re excited about being part of the Nursery 2 Primary Show 2015 Exhibition, which is taking place on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April in Bournemouth.

Known as the UK’s leading show dedicated to the Nursery and Primary education sectors, if you’re a primary school leader or teacher it’s quite simply, a must-attend event! It’s a valuable and practical event where you can learn from the experts and industry leaders, network with peers, view hundreds of innovative and useful products and you can choose to attend for part, or all of the two days.

Why are we exhibiting?

It can be difficult to look for ideas on how to motivate and inspire your children to be eager to learn about school subjects, which is what we’re all about. Our ‘I’m Learning About’ creative resource bags are specifically designed to get 5 – 11 year olds excited about curriculum-based topics, such as Egyptians, Medieval Times and the Vikings, developing their knowledge through role play, reading and other creative activities.

The activities we provide in our creative resource packs are bags of fun, but another important aspect about them, is they also focus on including the whole family. It can be easy to leave your children alone with toys to play with, but it’s vital to get involved with their playtime to help strengthen and enhance the relationship you have with your kids.

We want to approach teachers, subject leaders, childminders, local authority education leaders and anyone else who can make a difference in the way children learn, to show them that we don’t just offer a fantastic range of resources for schools and nurseries, but that we are passionate about empowering parents and families to share the responsibility for learning beyond the school gates.

As children’s interests change and their level of understanding increases, so do the activities within each Me & My World range. Every bag of fun is a one-stop introductory shop for children ranging from 5 to 11, covering a wide range of interests and activities.

We are committed to nurseries, primary schools, childcare establishments & professionals, parents and their children by creatively offering them the tools to discover new things about a given subject or themselves.

If you’re there please do make sure you stop by our exhibit, we’d love to say hello and have a natter!

You still have time to register to attend the event, just click here to find out more.

Look forward to seeing you there!