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Dorothy Sampson

Dorothy Sampson, Founder of Me and My World

The idea for Me and My World came from founder and mum – Dorothy Sampson, emerging from her own personal desire to engage and interact with her daughter, who was born profoundly deaf. It’s a personal story, so we’ve asked Dorothy to tell us about it in her own words. Over to you Dorothy!

What inspired you to start up Me and My World?

I wanted my daughter to enjoy playing, reading, exploring and making sense of the world around her through creative learning. I spent quite a bit of time searching for resources that were affordable, informative and fun, but I didn’t always find what I was looking for, especially if I wanted to come at a subject from different angles. That’s when I had the idea of linking a singular theme with different kids activities.

What’s in the creative learning packs?

When it comes to learning and taking on information, each child is unique, though typically they fall into a category of either learning via visual, auditory or kinaesthetic stimulation or a combination of these three. Understanding the importance of this, I created three ranges:

I Want To Be…

Each of these kids activity packs contains a costume for role play, an activity and a supporting book. It’s an easy way to introduce different professions and character roles – encouraging your child to imagine themselves as that character by dressing up. They can explore their new imaginary world in more depth and you can enjoy taking the time to sit with your child and help them to read a story or a factual book on that subject.

Then reinforce the understanding even further by playing a game or encouraging an activity based on the same theme. Giving your children access to the ‘tools for the job’ with one of the activity packs will enable your child to take on information and learn about their chosen subject in greater depth.

I Want To Explore…

These packs cover a series of science-based subjects and consist of science kits or experiments, together with a book on their chosen subject. ‘I Want to Explore’ is designed to ignite your child’s imagination by giving them the opportunity to explore a chosen subject in more detail and spark an interest that can be developed. As parents, we all want to give our children the best, so why not give them one of the greatest gifts you can, the gift of knowledge and the tools to unlock their potential and expand their explorative minds.

I’m Learning About…

We’ve all been there when they come home from school and announce that they have to dress up as a Roman Soldier or an Evacuee and that’s when the panic sets in – where are you going to find a costume at such short notice?

Our curriculum range offers parents a fun way to encourage their child’s interest in a subject they are studying at school, giving children the opportunity to make learning creative and fun.

Again, dressing up and reading features heavily, so that you can actively encourage your kids to take their interest a step further, whether it’s in or out of the classroom.

Why is learning-through-play important for children?

It is critically important to engage and inspire children, drive their aspirations, heighten their propensity and ability to learn, encourage them to explore the world they live in and empower families to share the responsibility for learning beyond the school gates.

Children love to play – that’s what children do and that’s how they learn about themselves and the world around them. They like repetition, so enabling your child to enter into role play allows them to explore a subject in more depth. It’s all about learning new things and having fun that enables the child to grasp the subject in greater depth.

Can kids of any age make use of the packs?

Our creative learning activity packs are targeted at 3-11 year olds, but we do find that children who are 11+ still love to dress up and have fun. There is always something new to learn about the subjects we cover.

Can adults join in too?

Yes, that’s the whole idea of Me and My World – it’s to encourage parents, family and friends to interact and enjoy the process of learning and sharing knowledge. One of the things I really enjoyed doing with my daughter was being able to take time out and just play, read, talk and sing!

The fact that you are sharing your time and knowledge and nurturing an inquisitive mind is priceless. The rewards are vast, as there really is nothing like it when they are excitedly telling you or someone they know some interesting fact about being a Fireman or an Astronaut in space. Or when they really want to have a go at growing their own vegetables after learning about horticulture!

Do you have any plans to bring out additional ranges or packs?

Yes of course I’ve got plans, but you will have to stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with everything that’s happening with Me and My World.

Where can you buy them?

At the moment all our ranges can be bought exclusively on our website 

Can you tell us more about the charity you are supporting?

NDCS stands for the National Deaf Childrens’ Society and is the leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people.

They provide a number of free services to parents and carers of deaf children and professionals working with them which include a freephone helpline, a range of publications, a website that is regularly updated with information on all aspects of childhood deafness for parents, carers and professionals offering specialist information, advice and support. A website for deaf children and young people to get information, share their experiences and have fun. They provide a team of family officers who provide information and local support for families of deaf children across the UK. They also run family weekends and special events for families of deaf children, together with an equipment loan service that enables deaf children to try out equipment at home or in school.

If you want to know more about our activity packs or have any other general questions you’d like answered, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.

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