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Do your kids come home eager to tell you about their day at school? Yes? Lucky you!!

Let’s be honest, as parents it can sometimes (or most of the time!) be hard to motivate your children, especially at Primary School age, to get on with their homework and take an interest in school subjects. With a few exceptions, most kids would much rather spend their time playing games, exploring the outdoors and watching TV than sat in a stuffy classroom.

Given the opportunity I’m sure all teachers would jump at the chance to inject more interactivity into their lessons and take the class out on regular field trips. But resources are finite and there will always be limit to how much one teacher can do to make learning consistently exciting for a whole classroom of kids!

How you can encourage your child to learn

You can support teachers and help to get your child more invested in their education by involving them in activities outside of the school gates. The more fun, creative things you do with your children the less they will watch TV – it’s as simple as that!

But how, we hear you ask, will this help my children enjoy their school work more?

The key is to tie those activities into topics that are relevant to the school curriculum. There are plenty of school subjects for 6-11 year olds that are exciting for adults to learn about, let alone kids.

Topics like history, culture and science provide plenty of food for a child’s imagination, making it fun is just down to the approach you take. Keeping their brains stimulated with a creative activity aids their ability to learn. If it’s exciting, if they are being creative and if they feel like they are experiencing things first-hand, then they will simply remember more!

Victorian Boy & Girl

How our activity packs will help and what subjects they cover

If you’re looking for ideas on how to motivate and inspire your children about school subjects, we’re here to help!

‘I’m Learning About’ is our range of activity packs specifically designed to get 6-11 year old children excited about curriculum-based topics, such as Egyptians, Medieval Times and the Vikings, developing their knowledge through role play, reading and other creative activities.

The activities we provide in our bags of fun focus on creative activities such as role play and reading, which can include the whole family. Getting involved will help you strengthen and enhance the relationship you have with your child.

Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas for you to take away:

        – Have regular story times and encourage your child to read aloud


        – Organise quizzes that will test the knowledge of your whole family


        – Dressing up games and acting out scenarios


        – Themed arts and crafts


For more info on each of our ‘I’m Learning About’ creative learning activity packs visit our shop.

We’d love to hear your own thoughts on how you inspire your children to learn. Please feel free to comment with your own tips and ideas below, or drop us a tweet!

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